What are Police Car Push Bumpers Used for?

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Automotive


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Police vehicles have a little bit of everything on them so that they can help the citizens stay safe during emergencies. There are black devices on the back of police vehicles that are called police car push bumper. They play an important role in helping vehicles that have been in severe accidents. These devices are able to flip over cars that have been turned over. You will find these on police vehicles as well as a number of other emergency vehicles. There are many different styles and lengths available, so there is one to fit just about any emergency vehicle.

Types of Bumpers
One of the most common types of bumpers that are used is a bumper that has a pad attached to it. This adds a great deal of protection and durability and are much more aesthetically pleasing. You see these on emergency vehicles because they are a little more secure than the other types of bumpers. They have a very unique design and have parts that are welded and interlocked together so that it remains durable and has less chances of becoming damaged.

Steel Push Bumpers
You will also see push bumpers on the market that are made for large trucks and emergency vehicles. These have a steel coating that make it much easier for someone to install onto a large vehicle that is in need of a secure and durable push bumper. Some of these are also finished with a powder-coat and are used on SUVs and trucks that are used for emergency purposes. These bumpers last for many years and look as though they have barely ever been used.

The good news is, you can purchase these push bumpers in bulk in order to save money and time. If you are looking for a bumper that doesn’t cost much they make ones that are made of a tough and durable plastic that can be placed on typically non-emergency vehicles. These can also be purchased in bulk and used as replacement bumpers when one breaks or wears down.

Even though push bumpers have a great deal of uses, they should generally only be installed on emergency vehicles. They have the potential to save lives during a severe and potentially life-threatening emergency. Knowing how to properly use one can mean life or death to anyone involved in a severe accident.

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