Top 3 Signs of a Good Audi Repair Shop

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Repair


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If you live in the NYC area and own an Audi, it can be in your best interest to have an auto repair shop on standby. No, this is not because Audi is a low grade brand, in fact, it is one of the highest quality cars around. You want to make sure that you have  access to a great shop for Audi repair in NYC just in case. You also will want to have access to a good shop for Audi repair in NYC for scheduled maintenance. As you are seeking out a shop that can do work on your Audi, here are the top 3 signs to look for:

1 – The Have Good References

One way that you can see that an Audi repair shop is a good one is that they not only have great references, they are willing to give you those references. You can usually find that good repair shops are very willing to give their new customers references that they can contact. If you don’t want to ask for references, you can also take a look online and check out reviews or talk to people you know who may have used the same shop.

2 – Few Complaints

Another thing that you should see as a sign of a good Audi repair shop is very few, if any, complaints by past customers. Just like you may have considered looking up online reviews before, you might want to do it again in order to see just how many complaints are out there. You can easily tell the good shops from the bad by taking a bit of time and looking up reviews. They are all over the internet, so you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding any.

3 – They Offer Upfront Pricing

Finally, you can tell if a shop is good by the quotes that they give you. A good shop will offer upfront pricing for their services and give you an estimate for what they need to do in order to repair your Audi. This doesn’t mean an emergency can’t happen, of course, but an estimate shows the cost of the repairs they are aware of…and that should be the only thing you should have to pay for.

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