To Inspect or Not to Inspect: What to Look for When Buying a Pre-owned Car

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is just as rewarding as buying a new car. However, you want to do your homework before you dive in and buy the first used car you see. You should inspect all used vehicles for wear and tear, and make sure you ask all used cars dealer in Schaumburg if they are selling their vehicles “as is.” Here are some things you should inspect on all used cars.

Look at the Window Sticker
All used cars dealer in Schaumburg must include a buyer’s guide, which is usually found on the window. The guide will contain specific information about the car, including whether it has a warranty or what the dealer will pay for repair costs. If a used car has an “as is” designation, it means the dealer is selling the car as it sits.

Many used car buyers often overlook the suspension. Try and bounce each corner of the vehicle. If the car only bounces once, the shocks are in good shape. Check the tires for play by grabbing the top and tugging them back and forth. A ticking sound may signal problems with suspension joints or bearings.

Check to make sure all the lights are working. Additionally, look for signs of water inside the lenses. Water could signal the car was once left stranded in a flood. Make sure all the turn signals are working. You do not want to drive off the lot as a proud owner of a pre-owned Honda and immediately receive a ticket for faulty turn signals.

Finally, examine the interior of the car for odors. If you smell something moldy or musty, it could signal some type of water issue. Try out all the seats, inspect the pedals, and make sure all instruments and controls are functioning properly.

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Author: Eric Spence

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