Tips for Paint Preservation After an Auto Collision in Scottsdale

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Automotive


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For many car owners, there’s nothing like a shiny new coat of paint. The way it looks and the compliments received make car owners want to keep the paint looking new as long as possible. With the Auto Collision Scottsdale tips given below, drivers can keep auto paint looking as good as new.

Protect It From The Elements

America is a country of drivers, and with all those cars on the road there are tons of emissions. These emissions can gradually degrade the paint on a vehicle, and nature can do the job just as well. Bird droppings, tree sap, and humidity can all damage paint. If one parks under a tree and gets bird droppings on the car, the spot should be washed with soapy water as soon as possible.

Hand Wash Only

For about a month after getting new paint, drivers should avoid industrial car washes. When washing a car that’s had a new paint job after an Auto Collision Scottsdale, owners should do it by hand with non-abrasive cleansers and applicators. Waxing and polishing should be avoided for the first three months after new paint is applied to a vehicle.

Old Habits Are Hard To Break

Many motorists disregard the damage they do to their cars by stacking things on top of the paint or by a minor Auto Collision Scottsdale. Another bad habit to break is topping off the fuel tank. Spilled gasoline can leave a stain on the car’s finish if it isn’t cleaned right away. Click here to know more.

Parking Choices

To preserve a car’s finish, street parking should be avoided wherever possible. If an owner has garage access, that’s the best place to park a vehicle. However, if street parking is unavoidable, the driver should take care not to park near a sprinkler. Most sprinkler systems use reclaimed water full of minerals that can gradually degrade auto paint. Car covers are beneficial, but the owner should ensure the cover is grit-free before using it, and he or she should wait to use the cover for at least thirty days after fresh paint is applied at AZ Auto Crafters.

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