Time to Sell? The 3 Most Expensive Repairs

Used car repairs are expensive. According to Car Health Monitor Reviews, if your used car has any of these problems, then you’ve got one of the most costly car repairs. Rather than paying all that money for repairs, selling your used car for cash may make more sense for Houston residents. Check out the list to see how much your repair might cost.

1. Because of the increased wear and tear of the moving parts in an engine’s transmission, it can wear out and need to be fixed, even though the engine itself runs fine. A working engine requires a working transmission to actually move. Transmission repairs can cost $5,000. There may be more benefits to selling your car than keeping it.

2. Advanced technology has made vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly, but when something goes wrong, those advances can mean BIG repair bills. If you need a new battery for your hybrid vehicle, it may also mean you need a new computer system. Together a new hybrid battery and computer system repair can cost $6000. It’s worth it to consider selling at this price.

3. If the cylinders are shot, then you’re looking at a repair that can take $10,000 or even more for a more powerful engine. Without working cylinders, your car just won’t run. A vehicle that won’t run seems like it would be worthless, but you may be able to sell it and invest that money into a vehicle that won’t cost five figures!

Before you spend a ton of cash to fix your car, think about selling it instead. Given the number of options in a city like Houston, TX, selling your used car for cash – even if it needs repairs – could be a better solution than spending all that money to fix it.

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Author: Eric Spence

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