Three Tips to Maintain Your Rig’s AC Condensers in Indiana

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Autos


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Air conditioning is vital for your comfort when partaking in your cross-country hauls, or even just going to the next town over. It’s something that a lot of people take for granted: it’s always there, and it always works, until it doesn’t. Then it suddenly seems like the end of the world, and you begin to consider hanging up your trucker cap for a desk job. Unexpected nuances that interrupt your daily life are why you don’t want to find yourself dealing with underperforming AC condensers in Indiana.

Regular Inspections

Take preventative measures to ensure that your A/C keeps you cool while you cruise down the highway, contending with road-ragers and tailgaters. When you stop, perform a routine inspection and take a look at the AC condensers in question for signs of clogging or damage. If you can, trace the lines leading to and from your compressor for signs of leakage, signified by a buildup of dirt or green slime around fittings.

Regular Service

If you think your AC condensers have been feeling a little less cold lately, take it to a professional. They can hook your rig up to check various pressures to diagnose the problem. Whether you need a recharge or a leak repair, chances are they can take care of you before it becomes a larger problem.

Take Care of It Yourself

It’s always good to save some money by taking care of the problem yourself. Of course, call in a professional when appropriate, but you can probably handle cleaning bugs out of your condenser fins, for example. However, for your own benefit, steer clear of DIY recharge kits for your A/C. Those kits introduce new freon into the system but they can cause even worse problems.

If the original freon has simply worn out, then a kit will likely overcharge your system, creating pressures higher than specified by the manufacturer. If you have a leak, that new freon will temporarily cool your cab but it, too, will be leaked into the atmosphere as pollution. If your A/C has stopped blowing cold altogether, it’s time to take it to the shop.

Don’t neglect your air conditioning system. It may be non-vital for the engine, but it’s vital to you, and you’re the most important part. Follow these tips to keep your rig running in a cool and comfortable manner.

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