Chicago is one of the most entertaining cities in the United States. There are few things to complain about when you visit downtown, besides parking. The next time you park in a parking garage in Chicago, book your spot online. Online parking companies provide a lot of advantages compared to driving around aimlessly looking for a spot. The following are three of them.

1. It’s Safer – You never know what kind of weather is going to pop up in Chicago. Protect your car from the elements by parking in a parking garage in Chicago. When you book online, you are guaranteed to get one of these spots. No more street parking when you book online.

2. It’s Cheaper – Paring companies extended special offers and daily discounts on parking all the time. When you search for spots, you can even use color coding to see which parking spots are the best deals. You can find the perfect parking spot for you whether your main concern is the best location or the best price.

3. It’s More Convenient – The last thing you want is to be driving around looking for a spot while you miss your dinner reservations. Just pick up your phone and download the mobile app to get started on booking your spot in just minutes. Online booking is far more convenient than finding a spot organically.

Next time you head to downtown Chicago, book a spot online with ParkChirp. See every spot they have available right now by visiting the website.

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Author: Eric Spence

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