The Best Auto Service Manager Jobs in New York Pay More

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Automotive


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As you progress through the automotive field, you may be wondering what the next steps are in your career. Auto service managers are highly desired positions as you move up in the company. They are close to the top of the ladder.

At “mom-and-pop shops,” auto service manager jobs in New York require you to work directly for the owner. At larger corporate shops, you will be in charge of overseeing the entire service department.

Increase in Pay

Auto service manager jobs in New York are highly desirable. While they come with a lot more responsibilities and stress than a technician job, they come with a much higher salary. Websites like Auto Shop Jobs highlight the salary increase for auto service manager jobs in comparison to basic technician positions.

New York is an expensive place to live. An auto service manager job can help you to get ahead and stay ahead of bills, car payments, and your mortgage.

Is Education Required?

Higher education is not required for most auto service manager jobs in New York. However, it is extremely beneficial if you are applying from outside the company.

Auto service managers have job duties including:

  • Hiring/firing/training employees
  • Implementing a marketing plan
  • Forecasting goals
  • Setting and meeting budget goals
  • Contacting clients
  • Documenting and tracking financial information
  • Coordinating with suppliers and outside manufacturers

So while higher education is not mandated, you can see how it is beneficial corresponding to the job duties and responsibilities. If you are competing with a large pool of experienced candidates for automotive service manager jobs in New York, potential employers will look at your education.

An associate’s or bachelors in business management encompasses courses in human resources, marketing, and professional development. Employers may be quicker to call someone with a degree for an interview than someone without one.

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