The Advantages of Buying New Tires over Second Hand Tires

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Automobile


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There are many factors that should be considered when buying a new set of tires for a vehicle. Price should not be the only consideration since there are items that are more important like safety, fuel economy and suitability to the environment. Regardless whether you will get your new tires in York PA from a car dealership or the shop down the road, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

1. Read the owner’s manual on the right size and specifications of the tire

2. Determine the kind of driving that you will perform whether the tires are for off-roading, motor sports or simply for the well cemented roads of the city.

3. On the tire size codes, you will find the load capacity which you need to strictly follow.

4. For the off-roading enthusiasts, there are monster tires which not only add to the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle but increases ground clearance for more safety when traversing steep inclines.

5. It is also important to take note whether you want a comfortable ride, a firm ride or a soft ride. This will determine what type of tire you should purchase.

6. It is also important to determine the percentage of fuel efficiency that can be gained from the new tires. New tires from Gettysburg PA will help you determine what kind of tire will significantly improve the safety and performance of your vehicle. Not all tires are alike and purchasing a tire that is not similar to the previous tires may affect fuel efficiency.

7. Make sure that the tire and wheel are approved for installation on the vehicle.

New tires vs used tires

Many drivers would consider cost over quality that they will not think twice in buying a used tire that is considerably cheaper than a new one. While some used tires can be a good deal because they are slightly used and considered to be in good condition, some used tires can be worn out and have evidence of previous patches. When you buy the new tires, you are guaranteed of its quality. Some defects of the used tires may not be visible. The only time that you will detect the damages is when the tire is already installed on the vehicle.

If you want to have the peace of mind that you are buying quality and high performance, buy the new tires. It has the warranties that the used tires don’t have. In terms of longevity, new tires win hands down. Even if longevity is dependent upon factors like the weather conditions in the place, the climate and driving habits, the new tires will naturally have a longer life than one which is second-hand. Before buying the used tire, it has already depreciated and some signs of wear and tear are already evident.

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