The Advantages of a Carbon Steel Scotch Yoke

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Automobile


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A scotch yoke is a device that is commonly used in oil and gas pipelines, especially high-pressure ones. It is also used in some hot air engines and steam engines. Hot air engines are not commonly used, but they are still used in some historic recreations of classic engines. Steam engines are still used for recreations of classic trains, as well as in some types of power delivery devices such as electrical plants. Most commonly, you’ll see a scotch yoke in your oil and gas pipeline. They are also known as reciprocal motion mechanisms. It’s important, when choosing a yoke, that you choose a carbon steel scotch yoke.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a type of steel that has been infused with small amounts of carbon. The carbon used in the steel makes it very hard; it can be brittle if used in the wrong application, but for a scotch yoke, they are perfect. Typically, the scotch yoke is installed in a device that moves laterally. That’s why they are also used in turbines that work on the motion of the ocean. As the piston moves horizontally or vertically, it pushes the yoke. The yoke then moves through its track to convert straight line motion into rotational motion.

That rotational motion can propel a turbine, a transmission, or any other kind of device. Carbon steel is used because it is a very hard steel that resists bending or breaking.

Bending and Breaking

A scotch yoke has to convert horizontal or vertical motion into circular motion. A carbon steel scotch yoke is more likely to handle those stresses than other kinds of steel. For example, spring steel is a very strong steel, but it bends. Such flexing is great for automotive springs and other applications. However, for a scotch yoke, you want steel that does not bend. In this context, bending steel would rob the yoke of some of its power. You can find a great yoke by visit our website or calling them at 904-374-1700. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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