Stay Prepared for Anything Anytime with an Auto Key Programmer

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Auto Repair


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An auto key programmer is a necessary tool for any locksmith’s toolbox. People are constantly leaving their keys in their cars, at home, or losing them, and it can be important to be able to service these kinds of needs at any time. Having a key programmer on hand keeps locksmiths going.

A key programmer is a diagnostic tool that syncs the vehicle with a new key using a number of simple commands. The auto key programmer opens the opportunity to program new keys for a vehicle in a number of different scenarios such as lost keys or as a safety precaution. Its primary functions are typically key programming and pin code reading, both critical functions in programming a new set of keys.

A key programmer may be part of a bigger vehicle diagnostic interface that can perform the basic functions to more advanced functions based on your programmer and needs. Some of the more basic functions may include reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, module adaptation, or cluster calibration. There are many programmers available for many different car types including Chrysler and Toyota vehicles just to name a few, and some programmers may be functional only with those kinds of cars. On the other hand, there are universal key programmers that are available and should be able to sync a vehicle with a new set of keys without and real issues. For the most appropriate key programmer for your needs, it is recommended to seek the guidance of a professional like Abrites USA.

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