Simplest Way to Save Money on Wholesale Transmissions

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Automotive


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If an individual wants to save money on wholesale transmission must invest some time screening all of the companies that are offering transmissions at wholesale prices. Start by listing all of the companies that have a wholesale transmission department. As the names of the companies have been created the prospective buyer will need to look at the different models to find the one/s that they need. After selecting all of the retailers that are offering the specific transmissions the consumer will need to find out whether the merchants offering these transmissions is reliable. There is no point buying a transmission from a retailer if they have a poor customer satisfaction track record.

How to Identify the Best Wholesale Transmission Vendor

Go to the vendor’s website and find out how long they have been providing wholesale transmission to the public. As a general rule try to target retailers that have been offering these transmissions for more than six (6) years. Now that the buyer knows which of these firms have been in operation for more than six years, the next step is to find out whether they have a large network of satisfied clients. Look at the reviews made by people who have dealt with the merchant in the last couple of years. After reading the reviews posted the buyer should know whether the firm assessed is safe to buy the products.

Benefits of Having a Warranty on the Wholesale Transmission

After selecting the merchants that have been in operation for more than six years the consumer should find out whether the wholesale transmission being sold comes with a warranty. The industry standard is thirty (30) days warranty on the purchase of a wholesale transmission but some retailers will provide longer warranties just be sure to get the warranty in writing before proceeding with the price comparison. While comparing the prices that each firm is charging for the transmission the consumer has to find out whether the listed price covers shipping the transmission from the retailer to the buyer. These transmissions can be quite heavy so the cost to ship them could be quite high.

If an individual sticks with all of the tips provided they should be able to purchase transmissions at wholesale pricing but they have to screen the retailers. This process may take a few minutes to complete but it is necessary if the person is serious about saving money.

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