Signs Your Vehicle Is in Need of Car Brake Rotor Turning in Hartford

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Automotive


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Brake rotors wear out over time, as pressure is applied to the rotors every time the brakes are used. Many factors play a role in the amount of wear this essential car part receives, such as a person’s driving style, the amount of road salt and moisture the rotors are exposed to and the type of brake pads installed. In addition, the original quality of the rotors impacts their lifespan. As there are so many variables involved, many vehicle owners want to know how often they should request Car Brake Rotor Turning in Hartford.

Request that the rotors be turned with every second brake change. When the rotors are turned, the chance of warping decreases significantly, and the rotors are cleared of debris. Warping occurs as the result of hot spots and regular brake wear. If the surface of the rotors remains smooth, there is no need to turn them, and the mechanic can determine this during the brake change.

Often, drivers are the first to detect signs the brake rotors need to be turned or replaced. A wobble or vibration in the brake pedal may be detected, or a grinding noise might be heard. These are signs the brake pads are no longer making a good connection with the rotors. Squeaking and squealing from the brakes are also signs of a brake issue that may involve the rotors. If the ABS light in the car comes on, the vehicle needs to be taken to a mechanic immediately. This system makes use of sensors that alert the driver to brake issues. If the driver fails to heed the warning, the sensors may be damaged, leading to the need for them to be replaced also.

Car brake rotor turning in Hartford needs to be a routine task for vehicle owners. This process prevents grinding and warping, as it removes any excess brake material that has built up on the brake pads. This helps to extend the lifespan of the pads, creates less heat in the brakes and provides for braking action that is smoother. Keep this in mind and speak with your mechanic at SG Cars today to see when your rotors were last turned. Doing so can save you money in the long run.

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