Replacing Common Garbage Truck Parts

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Automobile


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Garbage trucks are mammoth, complicated pieces of machinery. Each part must be in excellent working condition to ascertain the unit functions properly as a whole. When breakage occurs on your trash vehicle, it is vital to ensure the repairs are done with quality garbage truck parts that will put you back in commission and get you back on the route quickly.

Refuse truck operators face challenging of circumstances every day. Factoring in the safety hazards that come from operating a large vehicle on busy streets and demanding schedules, garbage collection is a hard line of work that requires tough equipment capable of handling the wear and tear caused to their vehicles.

Common Problem Areas

Like any other vehicle, there are certain garbage truck parts which are more likely to wear out and need replacement than others. With the extreme stress that is put on the various components of your vehicle, you can virtually guarantee at least one visit to the repair shop. Understanding where problems are likely to occur will help you keep on top of preventative maintenance and know what to expect when it comes time for repairs. Regardless of whether your truck is a front-loader, a rear-loader, a side-loader, or a roll-off, here are the three large parts that may need replaced:

1. Lever Controls: This control system is essential for proper operations, and varies in composition depending on the model. The lever controls are manipulated so many times during the average run that breakdowns can occur quickly.

2. Hydraulic Lift System: Depending on the number of times trash is compacted on a daily basis, the hydraulic system is under a lot of pressure to perform. The smallest leak in the system can render the entire truck useless for trash collection purposes.

3. Transmission: The constant stop and go movements made by trash trucks wreak havoc on even the sturdiest of transmissions. Although garbage trucks are fitted with mechanical parts specifically manufactured to withstand the daily rigors of the job, they are put under an enormous amount of pressure.

Little Packages Can Cause Large Problems

Garbage truck parts as tiny as a seal or a bearing can effectively halt all operations. With the thousands of components needed to come together for the vehicle to do its job, regular preventative maintenance will go a long way to making sure that there are no problems. Many of the smaller parts are a simple task to replace as they become an issue. If left without repairing, there is a serious risk of the breakage causing a bigger problem that could take your truck off-line for longer periods.

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