Rent A Vacation You’ll Never Forget

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Car rental‎


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Vacation should feel like an adventure or a coma. Adventurers take vacations for thrill and excitement of new experiences while others vacation to forget the stress, traffic, deadlines, and responsibility. Where you take either vacation doesn’t matter. For many, planning a trip to town or all your favorite places within driving distances is preferred. This way, you avoid the hassles of travel and sleeping somewhere other than your own bed, but it’s not much of an adventure. Adventure’s funny that way—it can’t be planned.

Let Adventure Call The Shots

Sure you can take a zip lining tour in Hawaii or jump out of an airplane. Those are indeed adventurous, but whether or not they are true adventures is debatable. While some would avoid traveling because it could mean a layover or lost luggage, others prepare themselves for an adventure. If the airline misplaces your luggage, you’re just going to have to wear some clothes from a convenience store or Goodwill. If there’s a layover, you’re going just to have to explore the city you wind up in or make the most out of a book or with the people you’re with. Because after all, isn’t a vacation or adventure just a time away from your everyday life? Isn’t it just a few days of breaking the routine? If you’re flying to the Caribbean or Florida for that matter, a great way to find some adventure is renting a scooter. Scooter rentals in South Florida are an inexpensive, fun way to see the coast and take a new perspective on the open road.

Fill Up On Experience, Not Fuel

Rental cars are interesting. Like a hotel room, sometimes you can’t help but wonder who had just been in there. Through the windows of your rental car, you see the landscape of Florida or Hawaii or wherever you are. You see the cafes and landmarks from your travel guide. At some, you stop and take a picture or grab a bite to eat, but you always return to the rental car. A scooter rental, on the other hand, evokes different questions and experiences. How far has this been driven in a day? How fast does it go? Why do I feel so happy? Scooter rentals in South Florida are popular because they inevitably lead to adventure, excessive smiling and lots and lots of lasting memories because for most of us, it’s the first time we’ve ever been on one. Our bodies and minds tend to get a little excited when we have new experiences and probably shouldn’t be held accountable for the decisions made shortly after that. But isn’t that what vacations are all about?

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