RAM Dealers in Deming, NM Share Their Car Care Checklist for Summer

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Auto


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Summers are getting hotter and there’s no way around it but to adapt. If you don’t usually give your vehicle post-spring maintenance, it’s high time you do. Your car is going to need a boost to make it through the hot months. Use this simple car maintenance checklist from RAM dealers in Deming, NM as a guide.


Most roadways and streets across the country are made of asphalt cement, which can heat up to 125°F on a hot summer day. You can nearly fry an egg with that temperature. Now, imagine your tires rolling over a surface this hot for hours. If the rubber is too thin and the grooves are too shallow, they can deflate and wear down really quickly. Make sure your tires have enough tread and pressure before hitting the road.


The fluids and air entering your car’s system may carry with them various contaminants, such as dust, debris, and even water. That’s why filters are used to keep foreign materials out and ensure your car performs at optimal levels. Problems arise when the trapped contaminants start clogging these filters. To avoid these problems, check the filters regularly and replace them if necessary.


Your car engine gets really hot, especially after traveling for hours mostly at high speeds. But it doesn’t get hot enough to break apart, thanks to the radiator, which transfers the heat evenly to all the parts and cools the engine down. Check if the radiator has enough coolant and top it off before driving under the summer sun. You should also check if it needs a new coolant filter.


A slight increase in temperature can accelerate the chemical reaction in your battery, overcharging it. While summer is to blame for the intensified heat, the dirt buildup on the battery’s surface also plays a part. Make sure to clean your battery well before putting it back under the hood to give it a fighting chance against the heat.

Air Conditioning

Unlike in winter and spring, you will need your AC all through summer. So, it’s important that it’s in perfect working order–the duct and filters are clean and there’s enough Freon to last for months. But before using your AC, make sure to vacuum your car interior well. Dust may cause respiratory problems and harm your AC in the long run.


More water evaporates from the ocean and land in summer than in any other season. That’s a recipe for hurricanes and thunderstorms. You will need those windshield wipers on multiple occasions, so they better be in good shape. If you notice that the blades no longer touch the windshield properly, don’t think twice about installing new ones.

Hoses and Belts

If you peer into the engine, you’ll see hoses and cables crisscrossing from side to side. They play a critical role in the engine mechanism and fluid distribution. But these components wear out more quickly than the rest because they are made of fabric and rubber. Find out how much wear and damage they’ve sustained and if there’s an urgent need to replace them.

Of course, you have the option to take your vehicle to a service center and let professional technicians handle the maintenance. They are more capable and they have the right equipment for the job. RAM dealers in Deming, NM also recommend checking out Viva CDJRF for more helpful tips.

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