Preventing Holiday Vehicle Breakdowns With Attention From an Auto Repair Service in Chicago

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Auto Repair


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Vehicle breakdowns while traveling during the holiday season can ruin plans. Vehicle owners are encouraged to schedule appointments with an Auto Repair Service in Chicago before heading out for a trip to visit friends and family in other cities. Automotive technicians can perform routine maintenance that is overdue, repair and replace components that have been exhibiting symptoms of wear, and inspect the vehicle to make sure it’s not at risk of any serious malfunction.

Last-Minute Service

In fact, so many people have wised up to the importance of this service that scheduling the appointment relatively early may be necessary. An Auto Repair Service in Chicago is likely to be very busy the week before Christmas and the week before Thanksgiving, helping customers with last-minute brake jobs, spark plug replacement, oil changes and replacement of batteries. It’s important to have the antifreeze checked to make sure it can hold up against temperatures well below freezing.

Socializing and Shopping

It’s not just trips for socializing on holidays that can lead to very inconvenient vehicle breakdowns. People who are busy doing their Christmas shopping also can become enormously frustrated when they can’t get the car started in a parking lot. It’s obviously upsetting when somebody causes a fender bender because brake problems were ignored or seriously worn tires were not replaced.

Brakes and Tires

A malfunctioning antilock brake system is not effective on slippery roads, and warped rotors don’t allow the pedal to grip brakes firmly enough for sudden stops. Lack of adequate rubber tread on tires reduces traction. In turn, that reduces the ability to stop quickly or to maintain control on slippery roads.

Full-Service Oil Change

When having an oil change done in a garage such as Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, it’s useful to request the full service that includes topping off fluid levels and checking components under the hood for wear. The automotive technicians inform the customers about low levels that could indicate a leak, such as in the radiator or power steering fluid container. All belts and hoses are inspected. Visit our website to learn more about this particular automotive repair garage.

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