Pre Order Your Winter Tires Now

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Automotive


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Even though we are in the middle of summer, it is not too early to start thinking about pre-ordering winter tires today. With the severe winter New York experienced last year, you can never be too careful. Make sure you understand the difference between all weather tires and winter tires.
Many vehicles are equipped with all weather tires. All weather tires are made to handle different types of weather conditions.

However, they do not provide you with the best traction on the ice or in the snow. Although all weather tires can drive in the snow and ice, they only provide your vehicle with minimal traction in diagonal handling. All weather tires can offer you shorter braking distances in the ice and snow. They do not offer the best traction or breaking distance though.

If you want the best traction and breaking distance, you need to buy tires that are made for the winter. They work like a snow boot for your car. They will give your car traction that all weather tires and regular tires just can provide you with.

The cost of tires for the winter is about the same cost as replacement tires for your vehicle. One advantage of switching out your tires in the winter is that you will extend the life of both your winter and regular tires. Neither set of tires will get as much wear on them, so together your two sets of tires will last you for quite a while.

You can extend the life of your tires even further by checking the tire pressure at least once a month. When your tires are properly inflated it extends the life of your tires.

Come on down to Grand Premier and pre-order your winter tires. They have been serving customers in New York since Mick Pupello established the business in 1982. They have over three thousand tires in stock at their store. They can set you up with a great set of winter tires. You can even set up an appointment now to have them put on your tires when it gets closer to winter.



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