Practical Reasons for 3M Car Window Tint

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Automotive


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3M car window tint has been a favored way of controlling the entry of bright sunlight into cars for many years, and it still is the preferred solution to protect the car’s occupants and the interior from the harmful UV rays.

Before you proceed with best 3M car window tint it’s important to know the laws that govern the use of the tint. In Virginia for example, the law specifies how dark the tint can be on any of the window surfaces and how a reflective tint can be used when it’s installed on the front or side windows of the vehicle. The law also specifies which colors can be used. The law however, is broad enough that tinting is practical.

3M car window tint not only has a beneficial effect by keeping the UV rays at bay, it can also enhance the look of a vehicle and adds an element of safety through security. If a potential thief cannot see an expensive item left in the car, the chances of him breaking in are less than if the item was prominently displayed sitting on the seat.

Studies have shown that the upholstery of a car can have its life extended by upwards of 60%. As a result of 3M car window tint the upholstery will remain fresh looking for a longer time period, adding considerably to the resale value of the car. The tint captures the harmful UV rays of the sun, depending on the tint; the UV can be blocked by up to 99%. This reduction is important for the passengers if the trip lasts for many hours.

The 3M car window tint in Denver, CO is actually a thin plastic film which is applied over all or at least part of the vehicles windows. Although most cars today use laminated safety glass for all windows, having another layer of plastic adds to the safety element again. The tinting material is effective in the event of an accident as it has the tendency to hold shattered glass together rather than let it spray the interior of the car, hence the occupants. The tint has proven to be quite effective in holding a shattered windshield in place, preventing it from falling into the passenger compartment.

Tint keeps the interior of your car cooler due to the fact that sun is blocked from entering the cabin. Cars which do not have 3M car window tint will have surfaces, such as the steering wheel and seats, which at time reach a temperature where it is actually painful to the touch. This problem can also be solved with shades but often the driver simply forgets to put them up, especially if you leave the car while the weather is overcast and somewhat later the sun comes out. With 3M car window tint there is no need to remember to put up the shades, they are there all the time.

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