Practical Options for Securing Financing for Buying a Brand-New Car

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Auto Dealer


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A brand-new car that comes straight off the manufacturer’s floor can cost thousands more than a used car. Still, it offers an unmatched level of comfort and luxury that you cannot find with pre-owned vehicles. You could decide that a new car would be well worth your investment.

However, buying a new car can require you to take advantage of one or several financing options available to you. When buying a vehicle from one of the new car dealerships in Trumbull County, OH, buyers like you can use these tactics to secure a loan or pay for the car outright with ease.

Applying for a New Car Loan

When you shop at one of the new car dealerships in Trumbull County, OH, clients like you are typically offered the chance to apply for some type of vehicle financing. Most dealerships work with a broad network of lenders. These financiers in turn work with clients with varying ranges of credit scores.

If you have good credit, you can readily be offered a low-interest loan through the dealership. The manufacturer or brand can extend financing to you without you having to go through one of the other finance companies in network with the business.

Otherwise, the dealership will match you with a lender that can accommodate your credit score. You can sign the papers for the loan and drive away in your new car with little to no hassle.

Liquidating Assets to Buy a New Car

If you prefer to buy as much of the car as you can outright, you can liquidate assets that you own. Using a tax refund, for example, can pay off much, if not all, of the car’s purchase price. Likewise, you can take an advance on your retirement savings or cash out stocks to buy a new car.

These options allow you to purchase a new vehicle. You get a car that is more luxurious than one that is pre-owned.

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