Owners Or Dealerships?

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Automobile


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Buying a used car means doing a lot of research and comparing of many makes and models of vehicles. A used car is a great option for many, especially in a struggling economy where money is tight and less lucrative options seem more appealing for the cash they can save consumers. Deciding where to buy a used car from is another issue. A buyer can choose from a private owner who is attempting to sell their car through a classified advertisement online or elsewhere, or from one of many Chevrolet dealerships in San Antonio.

Buying from a chosen Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio means that as a consumer, you can benefit from any certified pre-owned vehicle program that the dealership might have put in place. Having such a program ensures the buyer with a warranty that goes beyond the original factory warranty and states that the car, though used, has undergone thorough maintenance and safety checks before being put up for sale. This added peace of mind goes a long way for many buyers who feel somewhat nervous in buying a car with history. Buying from Chevrolet dealerships in San Antonio also often provides options for trade-ins on a car you may already own for the money to go to a car you’re hoping to purchase from them. This option can save you even more money than you would have just by going with a used car in general.

Chances are you’ll stand a better chance at being successful in any negotiations that you might present to a dealer. Owners often have emotional attachments to their cars and are less likely to come down on the price of a car that they see as an extension of themselves. You may also be able to work out some helpful financing options with a dealer whereas this is likely not an option whatsoever when buying from a private source.

There are some benefits to buying from an owner over a dealership as well. Chances are you’ll feel less pressured in general that you might dealing with a professional salesman. A private owner doesn’t have any ulterior motives regarding up selling you or convincing you to go for a more expensive make or model or newer year. The owner just has the one car to sell and might feel just as inexperienced in the selling department as you do in the purchasing of cars department. You can also often get the cheapest available rates from owners. Many times they are just anxious to sell the car and can’t afford to be sticklers to the extent that a dealership might.

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