Myths Involving Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Autos Repair


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The standard transmission hasn’t become extinct yet, but it is definitely endangered. As of 2013, about 4% of all new cars were sold with manual transmissions. Standard-shift cars have their benefits, but some of them aren’t supported by fact. Below are five common misconceptions about standard transmissions.

Manual-Transmission Cars Always Have Better Fuel Mileage

In the recent past, vehicles with standard transmissions were more economical than those with automatic transmissions. However, automatics have become advanced, and they’re frequently equal to or greater than manuals where fuel economy is concerned.

Cars With Manual Transmissions Cost Less Than Automatics

In many cases, a car with a manual transmission will cost less but, in some instances, the prices are the same. Furthermore, drivers can’t always get their desired model with a stick-shift as 67% of cars are only available with auto transmissions. In most cases, Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI, costs less than automatic transmission repair because these transmissions have fewer moving parts.

Sports Cars Are Only Available With Manuals

This myth depends on perception. Corvettes and Porsches offer the choice between automatic and manual transmissions, but some only come with manuals. Some believe that driving is faster with a manual gearbox, but there are reasons car manufacturers no longer offer manual transmissions.

A Manual Transmission Is A Theft Deterrent

This argument has no clear-cut answer. The belief is that because fewer drivers know how to shift a standard transmission, a car equipped with one has a lower chance of theft. However, there is little data to confirm or deny the perception. Most car thefts are crimes of opportunity, but there are those who can make off with anything they decide to take-;regardless of which transmission it has.

The Realities of Driving a Stick Shift

When arguments in favor of standard transmissions are based on the level of fun a driver can have, they are undeniable. Standard transmission knowledge can come in handy in situations where Manual Transmission Repair in Jenison MI, from Business NAme is required, and it can be helpful if a person is stranded somewhere and the only vehicle available has a standard transmission. By learning about manual transmissions, drivers can save on repairs and find the car they really want.

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