Mechanics Who Do Auto Repair in Broken Arrow Diagnose Mysterious Symptoms

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Auto Repair


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For Auto Repair Broken Arrow residents rely on skilled mechanics who can fix problems in older models as well as newer ones. That’s especially important in today’s world of the passenger car, in which owners are keeping vehicles longer than ever before. The average age of passenger cars on highways in 2016 is nearly 11 years old, and many people have cars and pickup trucks that are much older than this. Improvements in manufacturing and materials mean that people commonly run their automobiles for 200,000 or even 300,000 miles before major issues occur with the engine or transmission.

To get the most effective Auto Repair in Broken Arrow residents should attempt to describe the symptoms in detail. Telling an automotive technician there’s a clunking noise in back provides some information, but more details would be useful. For instance, the mechanic may be able to diagnose the problem more quickly with information like whether the noise is only noticeable while driving slowly or at highway speeds, or whether there’s no difference. If the sound occurs when traveling on rough roads but not on smooth ones, that’s also important.

If something seems odd or even unbelievable about the symptoms, that can be an important key for diagnostics. For instance, a vehicle owner may be hesitant to tell a mechanic about a squealing sound from under the hood whenever the headlights are on, thinking this seems absurd. However, a mechanic immediately knows that the problem likely lies with the alternator or alternator belt. The headlights put a strain on malfunctioning electrical components, resulting in unusual noises.

Another example would be symptoms that only occur intermittently. A mechanic with a garage such as Tate Boys Tire & Service will ask about the owner’s driving habits, knowing that those habits can indicate the source of the issue. It may become apparent that the engine idles roughly on days when the driver stops at a store once or twice on the way to work instead of making the entire commute without stopping. People with vehicles that are plagued by mysterious symptoms may visit website of this particular garage to schedule an appointment.

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