Letting Your Car Go: Dangerous Car Issues Not to Ignore

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Automobile


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It may sound like a hassle to have to bring your car to get fixed, but it doesn’t need to be. If you are dealing with the right professional, such as one for auto repair in Mokena, the process can go smooth. It’s not wise to let an issue go in a car for too long, as it could turn into something more and it could be dangerous. The following are dangerous car issues that you should never ignore.


Your car is your way of getting around. The car can only get you to those places safely if the car is in tip-top shape. Having a rusty car can lead to issues that can be hazardous.

Timing Belt

When you don’t replace your timing belt when there is an issue with it, it can snap. Not to mention, it can ruin your entire engine. If it happens when you are traveling at high speeds it could bend the pistons.

Windshield Wipers

You need to ensure that your windshield stays clear at all times. Sure, you may think your eyes are good enough to see, but the glass that is in front of you should remain transparent. When it rains or snows, it can be hard to see without a decent pair of windshield wipers. If you aren’t sure which kind is best or how to put them on, a professional for auto repair in Mokena can guide you.

Fuel Lines

Fuel lines get old in cars, just like anything else. This is a serious issue they will need replaced immediately if they are bad. If you can smell gasoline in your car or if you have a gas leak, you should call an auto repair company without delay.

Fluid Levels

It’s important to keep track of all fluids. If they are low make sure you fill them before taking to the road. Your oil is for your engine life and your brake fluid is crucial to be able to brake completely.


Make sure your brakes are working efficiently. Also, be sure your emergency braking system is working as well. If you can’t stop you could be involved in a collision, so brakes that are in good working order are essential for safety purposes.


Always make sure to check the pressure and tread on your tires. It can be a safety hazard not to do so as the tire can lose pressure and it could cause an accident.

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