Lane Departure System in Ponte Vedra, Accuracy is a Must

A lane departure system in Ponte Vedra, is a great safety tool. It can help to keep your attention on the road where it belongs. There is one key to depending on your lane departure system in Ponte Vedra, it must be accurate. Getting the service that you need is vital to having confidence in your system.

Staying Safe
A lane departure system in Ponte Vedra is a great way to improve your driving, keep you and your passengers safe and avoid accidents, to get the most out of this safety technology, it has to be accurate. The cameras that are a key part of this system, are constantly monitoring and sending information to the brain of the system. They need to be calibrated perfectly, to ensure that information is accurate.

When Calibration is Off
The calibration of your system is critical because:

  • It is measuring the movement of your vehicle
  • It is monitoring for obstacles
  • It is relaying information to your vehicles brain

The critical information that the brain in your vehicle needs is being sent by cameras, the entire time you are driving. When the calibration is off, the brain is receiving misinformation. That misinformation can cause your system to “malfunction” by not delivering the right information. Which can cause your vehicle to respond incorrectly. This misinformation can result in an accident. Knowing that you can always depend on your driver assisted safety system will driving more enjoyable.

Avoiding the Danger
Maintaining accuracy is critical. One Stop Calibration is the source for trusted calibration on all makes and models. Calibration after a tire change, brake work, alignment services, a fender bender, windshield replacement or repair, means that your system is safe and reliable. Getting the fast calibration services that you need is available with One Stop Calibration.

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Author: Eric Spence

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