Keep Your Standard Shift Transmission Operating With Clutch Repair Services in Salt Lake City

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Automotive


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The automobile is one of the most complex machines that people use on a daily basis. Much of that complexity is in the transmission that moves the engine power to the wheels. Transmissions come in two basic types, the automatic shifting model and the standard shift model. The latter is a very rugged device which normally requires minimal repair with the minor exception of Clutch Repair Services in Salt Lake City. The clutch is the part of the device that connects the engine to the transmission. Its primary purpose is to engage and release the transmission while the engine is operating. This step is necessary for changing gears.

The basic clutch assembly consists of a pressure plate that is connected to the engine’s flywheel, the clutch plate that sits between these two and connects to the shaft of the transmission and a throwout bearing which is part of the release system. When you press the pedal, the throwout bearing will push the clutch away from the flywheel to disengage the engine. Whenever you release the clutch, several spring loaded fingers on the pressure plate will push the clutch plate back against the flywheel. The pressure works to keep the clutch in contact with the engine which turns the transmission.

Every time that your use the clutch a little of the fiber wears off of it. Of course, it takes some time to wear down the clutch plate completely, but it will wear enough that eventually the clutch will need adjustment because of slippage. You can tell this particular problem from several symptoms including a lot of play in the clutch pedal and possible chattering when you release the clutch. The more the clutch slips during usage the more wear it will have. Plus, a slipping clutch can rob you of power to the wheels.

Replacing the clutch can be a difficult job because the mechanic needs to separate the engine from the transmission. Once the transmission has been removed, they will need to remove the clutch assembly from the engine. The difficult part can often occur when the transmission is put back in place. It takes careful alignment to get the transmission shaft to fit into the clutch properly. If your vehicle is due for Clutch Repair Services in Salt Lake City, then it is time to visit the specialists at Tanner Transmissions Inc. You can also visit their Google+ profile.

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