Improved Driving Experiences Start with ADAS

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Automobile


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Advanced driving solutions are the future of the automotive industry. Advanced driver assistance systems provide a driving experience that is much safer. It supports processes that are typically prone to human error. Such errors can include late braking or driving to fast into a sharp curve. ADAS also offer warnings and alerts to pull a driver’s attention back to the road and upcoming situations including stop signs and pedestrian zones. An ADAS even utilizes map content and provides drivers with a detailed understanding of roads ahead. However, all of this is possible when an ADAS is working properly. Over time, like most technology, there is a need for service. ADAS require calibration in order to keep functioning properly.

Highly Automated Driving Requires Highly Automated Calibration Services

Highly automated driving makes transportation a true joy. ADAS applications serve as the foundation for automated driving. There are many benefits when considering implementing ADAS for vehicles. Of course, one of those benefits has been the creation of calibration tools that work either onsite or on-the-road when it comes to offering calibration services. Calibration is the key to keeping such technology functioning properly. When you can offer customers quick calibration service no matter where they are, or at your repair shop, you are one step ahead of the competition.

Calibration Services Can Improve Driver Safety

Reach out to your customers and provide them with calibration services for ADAS products. You will be helping them improve their driving safety by keeping their advanced system in great working condition. Increase safety, increase efficiency and improve driver comfort using calibration tools that benefit both you and your customers. Knowing that ADAS are working correctly is a great relief to everyone when it comes to automated vehicle functions. Keep your customers safely on the road by providing affordable calibration services.

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