How to Sell Your Used Car for as Much Money as Possible

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Car Dealer


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With rising household costs, finding ways to earn some extra cash is a smart and practical move. Have you got an old car lying around? Sell your car in Houston TX for cash. Run through these tips to help you get as much money out of the transaction as possible.

Clean it up

You’ll be surprised at the difference a clean and tidy car can sell up for over an old and dirty one. If you want to increase the buying price for your old make and model, then wipe off the crusted dirt on your windshield, the body of the car, and do your best to clean up the interiors as well, the Lifehacker says.

Replace the mats

Toss over your dirty, old mats for new ones. That’s an easy and low-cost way to help improve your interiors. With new mats, prospective buyers will take a longer look at your ride.

Look for car removal services

If you don’t want to shell out money, no matter how little, on whipping your car back into shape, that’s all right. Check out companies that buy used vehicles if you want to sell your car in Houston TX. Pick one that’s going to pay you good money to get rid of your old ride. That’s one way to dispose of the car without spending a dime.

Gather all your records

Expedite the buying process. Make sure you get all the paperwork ready. That includes the title of the vehicle. It should be in your name and have no liens. If that’s not the case, then you’ll have a hard time selling off that ride. If you lost your title, though, then provide a copy of your TDL. That way, the firm can check if there aren’t any liens pending on the car.

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