How to Make Golf Carts Street Legal

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Automobile


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In today’s world where a fuel crisis, protecting against environmental harm, and money saving are all top priorities, the amount of people seeking alternative means of transportation continues to grow. Gas prices continue to increase which only means more money spent on gas. At the same time we know that burning so much fuel for transportation and travel purposes only damages the environment. In efforts to tackle all three of these problems at one, many have opted to look into the process of making golf carts street legal.

Though you probably think that golf carts can only be used on the golf course, with the proper modifications, golf carts can be made street legal. But, without any modifications, no golf cart can be driven on a public road as this creates a public safety risk for the driver and other drivers on the road. Before deciding to take your golf cart onto any type of public streets, you will want to be aware of any laws and guidelines regarding driving golf carts in your location. This way you can ensure you are not breaking the law and setting yourself up for a possible ticket or fine.

Making Golf Carts Street Legal
Most golf carts are quite basic and don’t come with any type of parts that make it legal for street driving. However, with the addition of a few items, a golf cart can be deemed legal to drive on the road. To make golf carts street legal owners must install:

  • 3-point seat belts
  • Headlights
  • Tail lamps
  • Turn signal indicators
  • A windshield with an “ASI” label
  • A rear view mirror
  • Reflective tape that lines the cart from front to back

Choosing a Golf Cart
Before you can street legalize a golf cart, you’ll of course need to buy and own one. If you don’t own a golf cart already, be aware that there are two main types of golf carts that you can purchase. The first type of golf cart is an electric golf cart, which is similar to an electric car in the idea that it runs on an electrically charged battery. These golf carts are usually much quieter compared to gas golf carts and are a lot more environmentally friendly. Gas golf carts tend to be noisier but have more power than electric golf carts.

No matter which type of golf cart you choose to buy, before taking it onto the road, be sure you know the exact steps to take in order to make golf carts street legal.

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