How to Increase Your Transmission’s Performance

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Automotive


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If you want to boost your vehicle’s performance one of the best ways to do so is through performance transmission parts. How do you know what parts are needed, and which ones are the best? There are several out there you can choose from, but in this post you can learn about the top rated parts.

Try a New Torque Kit

Transmissions encounter a lot of stress on a daily basis. From stop and go traffic to towing and hauling, all of this can really do a number on your transmission. You can protect your transmission as well as boost its performance by having torque kits installed. This kit works great for diesel, which encounter a lot of stress every day. They also work for any type of vehicle that does heavy hauling every day.

The GPZ May Work Well for You

The GPZ is for large everyday vehicles such as SUV’s, vans, work trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. It reinforces the components already in the transmission. The GPZ is a transmission performance part that is prefect for any vehicle that encounters high stress, from pulling, hauling, and stop-and-go traffic. It helps prevent transmission overheating and optimizes performance.

Get More Speed with Stage-1 and Gen-2 Blue Plates

Racing is all about speed and performance. These Gen-2 Blue Plates are for those of you who want to take your speed and racing to the next level. They provide seriously high performance and are an affordable way to make your vehicle faster. Gen-2 upgrades are for those who are seriously into racing, and not recommended for the inexperienced. If you are into racing yet are not extreme enough to handle the Gen-2 Blue Plates, then you might consider Stage-1 this is for both domestic and import vehicles. These are more for those who are just entering racing and looking to get accustomed to higher speeds.

Pro Series Bands

Towing, hauling, and high stress all cause issues with transmissions that are not built to handle the wear. Pro Series Bands are one of the most popular performance parts for your transmission. Consider looking into these bands if you do any heavy duty hauling or towing. There are several more performance parts for your transmission. Above are just a few of the more popular options. If you feel your transmission could benefit from these parts, contact an online auto parts retailer about transmission performance parts to get started today. Once you upgrade your transmission, you will love everything about it, from racing to towing, you can’t go wrong.

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