How Hail Damage Repair Can Impact Your Car

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Auto Repair


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You probably know that a hailstorm can do some serious damage to your car, leaving dents on the surface and damage to your finish. These storms can end up costing the victims hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In most cases, the damage from hail will require a trip to the nearest auto repair shop. This is especially true when you have large dented surfaces like the hood or roof. However, there are some other options, as well.

Some people believe that the use of the sun, a hair dryer, and dry ice can help with hail damage repair. The idea is that heat will make the metal surface expand, which will make it easier to pop a dent out. For this technique to work, the car should spend substantial time in the sun. If the sun isn’t bright, you can add a hair dryer to the mix. Point it at a vent from a couple of inches away. The third scenario involves using dry ice to bring the temperature from hot to cold, which might pop out the dent.

Your mileage may vary here, but it’s possible this option works at least part of the time.

Another do-it-yourself option is a car dent repair kit. These are available at nearly any auto parts store and are affordable. They are also user friendly and come with instructions on how to use them. You will usually get a glue gun, knockdown tool, and various stems for different sized dents. These kits can work on smaller dents, but probably aren’t going to help on large dents and can actually make things worse instead.

While the two alternatives above can help with hail damage, to get the best results you need hail damage repair from an auto shop. The service is often inexpensive and quick. However, it’s a smart idea to check prices at shops near you before choosing the right option for you. You can always ask for references or pictures of past work to get an idea of what the shop’s experience level is.

If you live near Denver, BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision is one of your best options. Paintless dent repair is available for both door dings and hail dents. The owners both have decades of experience in the automobile repair industry and work to provide an auto shop that is both honest and efficient.

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