Getting RV Glass Repair Services for Various Types of Damage

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Auto Glass


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When an individual or a couple decides to live full-time in a motorhome or travel trailer, there are many factors to consider before making this dream a reality. One will be estimating the annual costs associated with this kind of lifestyle. People commonly don’t include certain items in the budget, such as repair work that becomes necessary. A windshield or some windows can get broken, for example, requiring the assistance of RV Glass Repair Services.

Budgeting for Repair Work Beforehand

Theoretically, living in an RV should be cheaper than maintaining a house. Many people who choose the RV lifestyle sell the house and use some of the proceeds to buy the motorhome. Depending on the model they choose and whether they pick a new or used one, they may actually spend all of that money or even more. Most RV owners are more frugal, however, not wanting to spend all that cash on an investment that depreciates.

Ways That RV Windows Become Damaged

RV Glass Repair Services may become necessary for many reasons. A rock kicked up by road traffic can damage the windshield. A severe storm can pummel windows with hail and send a big branch straight down into the windshield. Vandalism can occur when the vehicle is unattended. Windows can even spontaneously shatter in an RV.

Depending on which window was damaged or broken, the entire assembly may need to be taken out and taken apart. Then, the old glass can be removed and a new glass installed. Sometimes only one portion of a window is broken, and only that part needs to be replaced. The other can remain as is.

Waiting to Get Back Home if Possible

It can be difficult to have glass repair or replacement done while on the road, although this is imperative for windshields unless the damage is minor enough to continue driving safely. Other windows might be covered with clear plastic that is securely adhered. Back home, the owners can contact a company such as Auto Glass Factory to explain what they need and to set an appointment. Information on this particular company’s services can be seen at To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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