Get New Tires and a Brake Check at Neal Tire and Auto Service

by | May 29, 2014 | Automotive


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Cars are complex, but surprisingly, it’s not the most complex parts that usually break down. Instead, it’s the basic parts that are made of materials that naturally wear out with use. The tires and brakes are good examples of such components.

Tires, of course, wear down as the car is driven. The best ones are made with rubber compounds that can last for thousands of miles, but eventually, even they must be replaced. Driving less won’t eliminate the need for new tires either; eventually dry rot will set in and cause them to crack.

When it’s time for new tires, you’ll be faced with an amazingly large array of possibilities. To make it easier to choose the right set from Neal Tire and Auto Service, make some criteria for qualification. Things to consider include warranty length, size, manufacturer, and price. In general, it’s a good idea to get the best ones you can afford. Cheap options wear out or dry rot sooner than their better-grade counterparts. The only hard-and-fast limit on which tires you can get is size. They have to fit your wheels exactly or else they will leak. Even a single millimeter of difference between the size of the tire and that of the rim will allow air to escape.

If a single tire on your car is leaking, it has probably been damaged by driving over a nail or other sharp object. In this case, ask about tire repair. Puncture damage can often be fixed.

When you have new tires put on or your current ones fixed at Neal Tire and Auto Service, you have the perfect opportunity to ask for a brake inspection. Brakes are one of the other types of car parts that regularly wear out. Brake pads are worn down a little every time you stop your car, so eventually, they wear away completely. To prevent damage to the rotors, it’s essential that the pads be changed before they get down to their metal backings. Just one metal-on-metal stop can destroy the rotor and force you to have to get a new one. This instantly adds a few hundred dollars to the cost of a brake job. Having your brakes checked on a regular basis and maintained when the pads are thin will ensure that your maintenance costs stay reasonable.



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