Individuals interested in farming need to have the proper equipment available before they can even think of accomplishing the task. Farming takes a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as numerous farm equipment parts to get the job done efficiently. There are four farm equipment parts that every beginner needs.


In order to turn hay, straw, or even cotton into a bale, a baler is needed. This makes it easier to store the hay for future use. Straw and hay are necessary for most farm animals, particularly as use for bedding, and even food. A baler packs the hay into a compact shape, so it is easy to move and store. Without it, there would be piles of straw left everywhere.

Tractor Trailer

A tractor needs a trailer behind it in order to pull specific equipment parts and components. This is one of the most important items required for farming. With a trailer, the farmer would not be able to pull their hay bales and transport them to storage, or haul necessary farming equipment to another location.

Rotary Rake

Rotary rakes are necessary for raking through hay and cutting crops. It helps keep crops from overgrowing and becoming too tall. It allows farmers to rake through their hay and keep it all at an even level.

LED Worklight

Many may not think to have lights available, but it is truly something necessary for the farming life. With LED work-lights in place on all equipment, farmers can see the space in front of them so they can get their work done. As most farmers begin in the early morning hours when it may still be somewhat dark outside, these lights are necessary for those who want to accomplish all of the work they need to get done in a day.

Every beginner looking to start a farm needs to be sure they have the proper equipment and parts available. Without them, no work could get ever get done, and the farm would fail. Get The Best Equipment and Affordable Financing with Tuttle Motor and Hardware. They offer a wide range of farm equipment parts, both used and new, from multiple brands.

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