Summers are getting hotter as the climate changes for most continents in the world. And that’s bad news for your car. If you’ve been diligent in maintaining your vehicle regularly, I’m afraid that’s not going to be enough anymore. Some extra effort will give your car a fighting chance against the searing heat. At least every summer, you should follow this simple car care guide from a Ford dealer near Louisville, KY.

Keep tire pressure at 35 psi

It’s no longer enough to keep your tires inflated. You have to be precise about the pressure if they are to endure the hot months. Under normal circumstances, car tires only need a pressure of around 32 psi. But in summer, you should increase it by several psi to compensate for the spike in temperature. Your tires should have a pre-driving pressure of about 35 psi to handle the hot pavement. To be certain, make sure to check the car’s manual for the recommended tire pressure.

Top up the coolant before the level drops to the minimum

Your car’s engine generates enough heat to reduce water to steam within minutes. But you can barely feel that heat on the bonnet, thanks to the cooling system, which runs on antifreeze or coolant. Check the coolant level by comparing its amount against the markers on the side of the reservoir. You should top the coolant if the level is closer to the minimum mark. The amount should always be closer to the maximum mark.

Hydrate the battery when electrolyte is low

One of the first things you will learn upon owning a car is that you should periodically add distilled water to the battery. But do you know why? A car’s battery contains electrolyte, a mix of water and sulfuric acid. It can consume either water or sulfuric acid during operation, but it can work efficiently even by consuming water alone. In fact, it will start breaking down once it processes sulfuric acid because all the water has already evaporated. That’s why any Ford dealer near Louisville, KY will suggest that you should add distilled water to each cell periodically.

Freshen up the cabin

Even with air conditioning, your car’s cabin can still feel warm if your vehicle stays outside for so long. It becomes even more uncomfortable if the surfaces of your car are all dusty and greasy. A little tidying up can clear out that soggy, unpleasant cabin atmosphere. Your air conditioning can also work more efficiently without all the impurities in your vehicle’s air.

Turn it off and park in the shade

Your vehicle will be sweltering after a long drive. So, once you arrive at your destination, turn off the engine =to let it cool. Find a spot with some shade and park there until the sun gets slightly less harsh. Put a windshield sun shade for added protection against sunlight and heat. While most glass windows today have higher heat resistance and reflectance, sunlight can still pass through them and heat the cabin.

With these simple hacks, your car can survive the summer without severe and irreversible damage. These hacks may also be handy if you’re planning a road trip. It will be a long ride, and you can’t afford to have your vehicle break down, especially when driving off the road. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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Author: Eric Spence

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