Finding the Best Used Cars in Port Washington WI

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Automotive


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Many Wisconsin residents can’t afford to buy a new car, so they turn to a Used Cars Port Washington WI dealer to find a more affordable deal. Most people searching for the best used car dealer will look at the number of Cars For Sale under $10,000. Then they’ll want to know if the car dealer stands behind their product. Today most dealerships do offer some type of used car warranty. To reassure used car buyers, a dealership will carefully inspect and test all aspects of the used car they are selling. Car Buyers will then be given a warranty to replace the parts if they fail.

Understanding the details of a used car warranty is extremely important. The length of warranty can vary from 30 days to six months. Usually the car buyer can extend that warranty at the time of purchase from a Used Cars Port Washington, WI dealer. It is important to note if the warranty includes just the replacement part or if it includes labor costs as well. Some warranties have a deductible and the car buyer should know what this is and if it applies to all parts and labor or just certain parts. Some warranties will also pay the cost of a rental car and roadside assistance. Towing may or may not be included as a part of a roadside assistance benefit. If it isn’t included, it’s important to find out what the towing cost could be.

Car dealerships were among the first businesses to embrace the Internet. Many now make their entire inventory available online for car buyers to research. In addition to showing pictures of the cars and listing their features, car dealers offer buyers many research tools such as the Kelly Blue Book. It is now possible for a car buyer to sit at their kitchen table and visit a number of dealerships online. They can even get a pre-approved car loan.

But buying a car is still about getting in a car and seeing how it drives. So the customer needs to find a Used Cars Port Washington WI dealer that has a courteous staff in the showroom that will answer questions and set up a test drive. After that experience, they can then confidently purchase the car and the warranty.

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