Do You Need a Radiator Replacement in Indiana?

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Automotive


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If you drive a semi-truck, you will learn that the radiator is one of the most vital parts of the truck. In fact, it protects the engine from overheating. The engine itself features a number of moving parts and pistons. All these components produce friction and heat. In turn, the radiator cools a mix of antifreeze and water that are directed through the cooling system by a centrifugal pump. This pump is normally referred to as a water pump.

Reasons for Overheating

If the radiator does not work as it should, the engine will overheat and you will have to schedule a radiator replacement in Indiana. Some of the reasons for a vehicle overheating include a blown head gasket, damaged pistons or valves, a warped head, or a cracked engine block. The engine will overheat as well if the radiator blows and the hoses burst inside the truck.

Supporting Heavier Loads

A radiator replacement for a semi-truck is similar to a replacement for a car. At least the science is the same. What helps cool your passenger car is also used for cooling a truck. The main difference between a car and truck radiator is its size, durability, and capacity. Truck radiators are made to accommodate heavier loads and vibrations that occur over longer distances.

Cross Flow and Down Flow Designs

A radiator replacement may be represented by one of two primary styles of radiators in a truck. A truck radiator may either be designed as a down-flow radiator or a cross-flow radiator. A cross-flow radiator is made with its coolants tanks fender to fender on the sides. The fluid, therefore, is directed in a horizontal pattern, or across the front of the truck.

On the other hand, a down-flow radiator features its tanks at the bottom and top. Therefore, the fluid is directed vertically in front of the truck. You can learn more about radiator designs when you visit our website online.

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