Common Transmission Repair Issues in Salem OR

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Automotive


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For many people, transmission trouble with their vehicle is the kiss of death, at least for the vehicle in question. However, Transmission Repair in Salem, OR doesn’t have to be a reason to buy a new vehicle. Sometimes, the transmission isn’t the item that needs to be replaced but there are other components of the transmission that can be repaired with a great deal less expensive than replacing your entire transmission.

One of the most common issues with transmission repair in Salem, OR are fluid levels and fluid leak’s. While some may not consider regular maintenance to your transmission repair problems, some people do but in any case, performing this function can help to maintain your transmission and keep it free from some of the more common problems transmissions experience.

If you’re noticing a leak, you may have a leak in a line carrying transmission fluid from the reservoir to the transmission or you may have a leaky transmission pan seal that needs to be replaced. In any case, this is typically a very inexpensive problem to fix.

Many people who think they’re having problems with their transmission are actually having problems with their torque converter. While this is part of the transmission system, it can be replaced rather than having to replace the entire transmission unit. In addition, with manual vehicles, clutches may need to be replaced rather than the transmission. In fact, with manual vehicles, clutches are considered a wear item and over a certain period of time, the chances are quite good you will have to replace the clutch in your vehicle in order to shift gears.

Lastly, there is a unit known as the solenoid which controls the inner workings, especially the shifting within the transmission unit. Sometimes these units become damaged or simply quit working efficiently. This can cause your vehicle to display symptoms of a bad transmission when in fact the control unit for the transmission is all that needs to be replaced. Once again, this is a much less expensive repair than replacing your entire transmission.

Whether your vehicle is displaying problems that seem to be coming from the transmission or if you have any other type of vehicle repair, this is the best place to get quality repairs for your vehicle at a reasonable price.

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