Choosing between New & Used Cars

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Used car


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To the average man, a nice glossy, spotless new car, is a dream come true. Its best you wait and buy a brand new car since it makes for a sensible choice. The bottom line is not easy, choosing between new and used cars. The following write up finds out the pros and cons in both scenarios of buying new and used cars.

Buying brand New Cars:

It is something you are going to own and the fact that it is brand new does bring a feeling of pride and satisfaction. In fact, when it boils down to technicalities, you are backed by a warranty in case of mechanical issues. Also you do not have to worry about what wear and tear your car has been through in the past.

You can also benefit from facilities like roadside assistance and efficiencies like fuel competence. New cars mean, state of the art car-interiors, security airbags, etc. This makes for a major difference between new and used cars.

However, it also means lighter pockets, larger debts, and eventual loss of car value. Over the period of years of owning your brand new car, the market rates plummet downwards, marking your automobile investment as an incurred loss.

Buying Used Cars:

In contrast to a new car investment, your money used to purchase a used car is well spent. Used cars in good condition can be bought for as low as half the price of the same model in its brand new version.

In case of a mechanical issue, you have no warranty and thus faced by the possibility of paying huge fractions in repairs.

Thus, whatever you decide to purchase, it is wise to do thorough market research before embarking on the final deal of new and used cars.

New & Used Cars

New & Used Cars

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