Checklist of Maintenance Tips

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Auto Repair


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Keep your car in tip-top shape. Here’s a checklist of maintenance tips to help you.

Change your air filters

You’ll want to replace your car’s air filter every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, the Money Crashers says. However, if you have pets or kids or you often drive on rough road conditions, you may need to replace your filter much more frequently.

Check your car

Do visual checks of your car on a regular basis. Assess the different parts and systems for any signs of damage or wear. By keeping an eye on your car, you can see signs of trouble as soon as they happen.

Get to a repair shop

Get your car to an auto shop for vehicle repair in Bellbrook, OH as soon as you see any signs of problems. Nipping problems in the bud is an excellent way to prevent further damage and bigger repair costs down the road.

Look for experience

When you look for an auto repair shop, find one that’s been in business for a long time. Years of service in the field ensure that you’re hiring the right service team for the job. You won’t have to lose sleep, thinking that your car will be worse off.

Read reviews

Know more about the car service facility by checking out reviews online. Find out what other customers are saying about the auto shop. Read their feedback online. That should make it easier for you to determine if you’ve picked the right auto shop to carry out vehicle repair in Bellbrook, OH.

Check for credentials

What kind of credentials does the shop’s mechanics have? Are they trained to perform the services and repairs your car needs? Find out before you bring your car over to them for inspection, maintenance, and repairs.

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