Most car owners realize that it’s important to change the oil on time and according to factory specifications. Failing to do so can cause significant damage to the vehicle, which will eventually become irreparable. Since it must be done regularly, some car owners choose to buy the equipment and change the oil themselves. This may sound like a good way to save a few bucks, but in reality, it’s not very efficient at saving time or money.

Taking a car in for a professional oil change is quicker, and certainly more cost-efficient than buying all the tools needed to do the job at home. All it requires is driving the vehicle up to the shop and entrusting it to qualified and professional mechanics. It also avoids the possibility of anything going wrong, since the Oil Change Centennial CO companies like Saul’s Autotek provide is performed by experienced mechanics who know exactly what they’re doing.

Buying oil at the store isn’t any cheaper, either. At most stores, just the 4-5 quarts of oil and filter will cost at least $20. In addition to repeatedly purchasing these basic items, vehicle owners who opt to change their own oil also need rags, drain pans, and a way to safely lift up the vehicle to gain access. The cost difference between changing oil at home and getting it done professionally is, as a result, pretty negligible.

By heading to the mechanic when a car needs an Oil Change, Centennial CO residents can also avoid the hassle of disposing of the used fluid. It must be recycled, rather than disposed of down a drain. For individuals, this means pouring it into the used bottles, adequately sealing them, and having to haul them into a local recycling facility. That’s a lot of extra hassle when compared to just driving a car up to the mechanic.

Most mechanics offer related routine maintenance service without any additional cost. They will lubricate the internal framework and chassis, which can help to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Many vehicle owners are not knowledgeable enough or properly equipped to do this work themselves. Visit website for more information, or to request a quote today.

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Author: Eric Spence

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