Buying a Used Car? Here are 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right One

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Auto Dealer


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When looking for a car, you can either go with new or preowned. While a new auto may be appealing, it will lose a lot of its value as soon as it leaves the lot. On the other hand, a preowned vehicle may offer you better value for your money and, in some cases, even last longer.

If you are interested in looking at used cars in Oak Lawn, here are three factors to consider:

Is a CARFAX report available?

Used car dealers should be able to pull up a CARFAX listing on the vehicle you’re interested in. This is a document that details its title history, any accidents it has been in and repairs. If the dealer can’t or isn’t willing to provide this document, then eliminate it from your list of options.

Was it checked out?

When looking at the MSRP tag for a vehicle, see if the dealership ran a check on the car before putting it up for sale. There should be a listing of what they reviewed and if anything was fixed. If a vehicle is listed as-is, then you need to choose carefully. While its price might suit your budget, it can cost more in repairs once off the lot.

What about the warranty?

Some dealers who sell used cars in Oak Lawn offer warranties on their preowned vehicles. These tend to be limited to the power train and other internal parts. Nevertheless, you should see if the dealer offers to cover repairs within the first 90 days of ownership. This can save you a lot of money should something break down soon after you buy the car.

Homework is necessary when selecting the right dealership. Deep discounts shouldn’t be what draws you in. Customer service, honesty in pricing, and accuracy in vehicle information are more important. Drop by Hawk Auto for a test drive or visit us online to browse our huge selection of preowned cars you can feel good about owning.

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