Be Ready to Stop With a Quality Brake Replacement in Manhattan KS

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Automotive


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Some of the most important components on any vehicle are the ones used to stop its movement. In the case of modern automobiles, this is usually the disc brake system, although, some vehicles may still use a combination of disc brakes on the front axle and drum brakes on the rear. Disc brakes work by applying pressure to a set of flat pads that connect with both sides of the wheel rotor. Applying pressure causes friction which rapidly slows the vehicle down. This much friction actually requires a specific compound on one of the braking surfaces because of heat and high wear. Heavy friction can also cause the rotor surfaces to wear or become grooved. This problem must be addressed when it is time for brake replacement in Manhattan KS.

Turning the rotor requires specific equipment that can spin the rotor at high speeds and smooth the surface at the same time. This task is often handled with the rotor still on the vehicle because the shop has a device designed for just this purpose. The benefits to cleaning the rotor surface are smoother braking and more even wear on the braking surfaces. The downside to this step is that the rotor will eventually need to be replaced when the surface has been turned down too much. If the rotor is too thin, then it could overheat and crack which may result in loss of vehicle control.

The driver can often tell when the vehicle is ready for Brake Replacement in Manhattan KS because the pedal may feel wrong or the brakes may make unusual sounds. One of these noises, the rubbing, squealing sound that occurs when applying pressure, can be the result of a safety device on the pad or the fact that the pad has lost most of its fiber. The latter means that the metal on the pads are digging into the rotor and could be causing grooves or uneven wear. This problem usually requires resurfacing the rotors, but it could also result in severe damage to the component and force the mechanic to replace it. Browse our website to learn more about brake repair or replacement.

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