Avoid Vehicle Failure With Expert Auto Repair in White Bear Lake, MN

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Auto Repair


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It can take a lot of effort to keep any vehicle on the road, and there are a number of reasons why. Vehicle failure can happen when the fuel flow is blocked or when the ignition fails. If damage occurs to the cooling system, the engine could overheat. If this happens, a number of problems could result, such as cracking the engine block, cylinder head or damaging the head gasket. This sort of damage can be difficult to repair and even more expensive than most drivers realize. To eliminate these concerns, contact an expert in auto repair in White Bear Lake MN.

Every vehicle model is different, which can make diagnosing the failure a little difficult. As an example, the water pump on some engines is situated where it is fairly easy to access. Unfortunately, this places the pump so that any leak instantly hits the moving belt, slinging coolant everywhere. Water pumps tend to leak around the front when they fail. The more the engine operates, the more fluid gets thrown around the engine compartment, making it difficult to see the location of the actual leak.

Another important aspect of Auto Repair in White Bear Lake MN, is the braking system. Most vehicles use disc brakes, although a few still use the older drum brakes on rear axles. Drum brakes use a set of small pistons to push brake shoes against the drum. Disc brakes use a large caliper that does a similar task. The caliper pushes against the outside pad, which causes the brakes to pull the inner pad against the rotor. The end result is both pads applying force to stop the turning rotor. Unfortunately, this extreme force will cause the brakes to wear and, eventually, need replacement.

More serious vehicle problems can arise if the car or truck is old. That is, the engine will begin to wear or the transmission to slip. These are very expensive components to replace, and doing so can take a lot of time. To avoid these situations, keep the vehicle clean and well serviced. Modern engines operate at some very high speeds. Without quality lubricants, the engine will eventually fail. Contact us to learn more.

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