Advantages & Disadvantages Of ATV Tracks For Sale

For the adventurous ATV owner, the question will soon pose itself. Should they replace their ATV tires with ATV Tracks For Sale? The answer is not a simple one and essentially boils down to what they intend to do with the ATV. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of tracks.


  • Putting tracks on an ATV will give the vehicle much more traction than standard tires will be able to deliver. This is because the tracks are flat and can, therefore, provide more of a footprint than all-terrain tires can. With tracks, the owner will be able to climb more rugged terrain, be more comfortable when traversing rocky environments and be able to get through technical spots more easily.
  • The ground clearance of the ATV will be increased when tracks are installed. This is a great option for those ATVs having a low bottom clearance. The tracks will give enough “lift” so obstacles will not grind or in any other way impede the movement of the vehicle.
  • The chance of a rollover is greatly reduced when tracks are used versus traditional ATV tires. This is because, as mentioned before, the footprint is significantly wider than before. This inherently makes the ATV more stable.


  • If speed is important to the rider, they may be disappointed after purchasing ATV Tracks For Sale. This is because the installation of tracks greatly reduces the speed at which the ATV can operate. While there are certain variables, such as how powerful the machine is, to begin with, it can reduce speed by as much as half.
  • Due to the reduction in speed, the vehicle will begin to use more gas. Since the track is made up partially of many small wheels, the speed coming from the engine is reduced
  • Some of the handling will also be lost when tracks are added

The decision to add tracks from visit us website versus tires all depends on what the rider needs out of the machine. It’s a question of power versus finesse. No option is wrong, and it is a decision which is completely up to the owner of the ATV.

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Author: Eric Spence

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