9 Tips for Car Spring Cleaning: Smart Advice from Kia Santa Fe, NM

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Autos


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If you need a little more help with spring cleaning your precious ride, look no further. Check out these 9 useful tips offered by Kia Santa Fe NM.

1. Get Rid of the Litter

Junk is the top culprit during car spring cleaning. About one in every three American drivers admit that they haven’t tidied up their ride in months. Don’t be part of that number; take a garbage bag, and pick up food wrappers, paper napkins, cups, and pieces of plastic.

2. Vacuum the Interior

After you’ve cleared the macroscopic mess, it’s time for the vacuum to get working on the smaller bits. Use a vacuum with a tapered nozzle to reach spaces underneath and in between seats. This is perfect for dust, soil, and food crumbs. A special brush tip or nozzle is usually included with most handheld vacuums to clean upholstery and soft surfaces.

3. Scrub the Floor Mats

Every time you get in and out of your ride, your shoes are likely to track in dirt. After vacuuming them, you can take out the mats and wash them with water mixed with mild detergent. A scrub brush with soft nylon bristles is suitable for caked-in dirt, and it won’t damage the surface of the mat.

4. Clean and Sanitize the Surfaces

Using a vehicle-approved sanitizing solution, give all the surfaces of your interior a good wipe down. Often, the most bacteria-laden areas in the car are the door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, and the buttons on the console. For leather seats, a specially formulated cleaning and protective solution is recommended. Be sure to check the labels of cleaning products before application.

5. Remove Dust from Air Vents

A foam brush or a soft rag with a cleaning solution works well to grab the dust trapped between the air vent’s grates. You can also use compressed air in an aerosol can to push out any trapped debris.

6. Smart Tip from Kia Santa Fe NM: Inspect Your Tires

After the cold months, most car owners swap out their winter tires for their all-season tires just in time for spring driving. Ensure that the treads are not worn out, and take extra care to check that the tire pressure is correct.

7. Wash the Exterior

The correct car shampoo solution is vital to clear off any grease, grime, and mud on your vehicle without damaging the paint. Using a soft sponge, take the time to scrub off problem areas, including the underside and along the wheels. Keep in mind to save water as you rinse and mind where your washing drains off.

8. Dry Your Vehicle Thoroughly

A specially designed absorbent shammy or chamois is the top tool for drying off your car. This takes away excess moisture without leaving streak marks or scratching the paint job.

9. Spend a Little Extra on Waxing

For an added layer of protection, apply wax on the exterior. Not only does this give your ride a showroom finish shine, but it also helps wick away water and ward off dirt for longer.

Now that you’ve finished spring cleaning, then your vehicle will be more than ready for many trips to come. Be sure to check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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