5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Used Cars In Nashville

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Automotive


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Summer is an ideal time to purchase a new car and enjoy the open road. It can be tricky navigating the used car market. Keep these four tips in mind to ensure that you buy a quality used car that will serve you well for years to come.

1. Do Your Research Before You Leave the House

There are numerous sites where you can research the track record of a vehicle before purchasing it. You can look up the safety record and rating of vehicles. You can see consumer reviews that detail how the car drove and the type of service that the vehicle required. Some vehicles are lemons from the moment they left the warehouse, and it is easy to find this information on consumer reviews. Make a list of the both the vehicle make and models that you are and are not interested in before you leave the house.

2. Always Take the Car For A Test Drive

Always take a car for a test drive if you are interest in purchasing it. If you are seriously considering purchasing the vehicle, ask to take it on an extended test drive. Pay attention to how the car drives and handles at both low and high speeds. Ask about anything unusual that you notice.

3. Try Out Everything on the Car

Test out everything before you purchase the car. Try out both the A/C and the heater. Turn on the hazards lights. Bring a CD and test out the sound system. Check the spare tire. Look at everything. Check out the oil and see it if is clean. See how easily the gas cap comes off and goes on. Test everything!

2. Ask for Service Records

Make sure that the vehicle has received regular oil changes and all expect maintenance has been performed.

5. Have A Mechanic Check The Car Before You Purchase It

Always have a trusted mechanic check out the vehicle before you purchase the car. Even when you are armed with research and service records, a mechanic is still the most qualified person to let you know what kind of vehicle you are purchasing. A trusted mechanic can let you know what service has been performed and what service will need to be performed soon on your new vehicle.

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