3 Smart Questions to Ask Used Car Dealers in Berwyn Before Buying

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Auto Dealer


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Cars are one of the largest financial commitments people will make, so it is important to do things right when it is time to purchase. While there are various things people know to do beforehand to ensure the decision is right, talking with the dealer is the most overlooked. Here are three smart questions to ask used car dealers in Berwyn before buying:

1. Has There Been Any Service Done on the Car?

Most used cars in dealerships have been sitting on the lot for weeks and even months in some cases. Regardless of whether or not the previous owner got work done on the vehicle, it is important to ask the dealer whether or not he or she has as well. This can shine some light on how maintenance is going to go for that particular car in the future.

2. Any Discounts for Buying in Cash?

Most dealers make the most money from financed purchases. However, there are quite a handful of them out there that prefer cash payments. If that is the route someone wants to go, it is a good idea to ask used car dealers in Berwyn whether or not any discounts are offered to those paying in cash.

3. Anything Included with Purchase?

This may not be the case in every situation, but there are some situations where dealerships include things like new tires or car accessories with the purchase of the car. When shopping with used car dealers in Berwyn, ask whether or not there are any special parts, accessories, or equipment included with purchase.

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