3 Signs It’s Time to Get a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo, MS

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Auto Parts, Automobile


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Every car needs maintenance to ensure it has a long life out on the road. But how can a person know that it is time to take care of something like a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS? Even though an alignment is recommended at least once a year, are there times when despite the date, a technician should take a look? Here is a couple of signs that let drivers know that a car is out of alignment. If a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS, is necessary, stop by Macs Tire Center for assistance.

Vibration in the Steering Wheel

While driving along a smooth road, the steering wheel should be smooth in a driver’s hand. When there is a real vibration in the wheel as the car moves along, it is obvious that something just isn’t right. In most of the cases, it means that the alignment of the wheels is off. While a driver can continue driving a vehicle in this condition, there are long-term consequences for not taking care of the problem right away.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Once again, the steering wheel is a great indicator that something with the wheels isn’t right. While no one recommends driving without putting both hands on the wheel, if a driver loosens his or her grip, and the wheel turns to one side or the other when going in a straight line, there is a problem. Sometimes the issue can become so obvious that even with hands gripped on the wheel, drivers can feel the pull to one side of the road. The longer this goes on, the more damage it can do to the tire tread.

Tire Tread Wear is Uneven

It makes sense that the more a person drives, the more the tire tread is going to wear down. The tread is what is used to determine whether or not a vehicle needs new tires. However, when the tires are inspected, if the tread is being worn unevenly, there is a good chance that the vehicle needs a Wheel Alignment in Tupelo MS. Tires are rotated to help the tread wear even and keep the drive comfortable, but an alignment problem could mean replacing tires sooner.

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