3 Benefits of Buying Used Cars For Sale in Baxley, GA

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Car Dealer


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According to experts, the value of the average new car will drop 50% by the time it is 3 years old. With that in mind, many area residents opt to buy used cars for sale in Baxley GA. They also like the fact that many pre-owned vehicles include extras that would be pricey to add to new models. In addition, there are simply more used models for shoppers to choose from.

Owners Avoid Steep Depreciation

No matter how wonderful it is to experience the thrill of owning a new car, many thrifty shoppers are willing to trade it for pre-owned models that offer more value. While there are some cars that hold their value better than average, owners still lose money. Even new vehicle perks like warranties and low financing do not generally equal depreciation losses. Many late model used cars for sale in Baxley GA cost thousands of dollars less than they did when new but will still run well and retain their looks for years.

Buyers Get More Car for the Cash

Many car shoppers who visit dealers and request a quote for a pre-owned auto are searching for specific features. Generally, the only way a customer gets everything they want on a new car is to specially order the vehicle and pay top dollar for everything that is not standard. In contrast, dealers’ lots are filled with well-maintained vehicles that are already loaded. No matter what all those extras cost the original owner, they add very little to the cost of a used model.

Pre-Owned Inventories Offer More Variety

On average, manufacturers offer about 350 new vehicles per year. Although that is a of choices, the newest models may not include the one that buyers want. For example, shoppers could prefer a hard-to-locate Ford Ranger, Chrysler PT Cruiser, or even a classic station wagon with wood paneling. Most customers can find their favorites at used car dealerships. There are hundreds of thousands of pre-owned autos for sale, which expands buyers’ choices tremendously.

Car buyers who want to avoid depreciation often buy quality pre-owned vehicles. Choosing a used car also allows them to find affordable models with expensive features added by the original owner. In addition, clients who want hard-to-find models often locate them at used-car dealerships.

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